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Certified as a Registered 
Hypnotherapist by

The General
Hypnotherapy  Register

the registering agency for the

General    Hypnotherapy
Standards Council


Registered Hypnotherapist as an NHS National Independent Provider - Hypnotherapy available for NHS referral.


If you have an emotional issue you would like to deal with solely using "Emotional Freedom Technique".

I recommend the following EFT Practitioner.

Evelyne Stacey

CC-EFT, Dip.Performance Coaching.

01237 408437



















Welcome to "Change Your Life!"

"Whatever Your Unique Issue Is I Can Help You To Change Your Life Permanently!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT Practitioner
Have A Problem You Need Help With?

"Hello my name is Patrick Stacey, I am a hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner in North Devon, with a solution-focused approach. I offer a unique blend of empathy, expertise, humour and experience and use a range of methods to help you to make those changes you would like in your life..."

Most "hypnotherapists" use "suggestion hypnosis" in helping people to overcome their problems or achieve their goals.

However experience has shown me, and research demonstrates, that by combining successful elements of hypnotherapy (e.g. Ericksonian suggestion hypnosis, regression), NLP ( therapy, positive visualisation) and other cognitive therapies as appropriate, greater success is achieved in a shorter period.

I therefore am using combined cognitive and hypnotic methods at my sessions, I generally don't do "hypnosis" on it's own, It is used as a very powerful tool to cement the other changes during the session and this works very well. I want your changes to be permanent!

Personal Change Therapists have an unusual profession(!), it can also be extremely satisfying, noticing the results achieved dealing with various issues. I am motivated by results, so I will only use a technique if I believe it will have a high chance of success with you. I promise you that I will do my best to be successful with your issue no matter what it is - in the briefest period of time.  You might want to look at some of my genuine client feedback on this page.

By visiting this site you could  have already taken a step towards a better and more fulfilling life.

Why not boldly put your best foot forward, make that decision to change at last, and phone or email me now?, You will find me approachable and friendly! (although If I don't answer the phone it is probably because I am with a client). In which please email or leave a message on my answerphone.

Patrick Stacey

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What else can Hypnosis be used for?

"Personal Change Need Not be Painful Or Hard!.." 

I can help you to overcome the following:

Become a Non-Smoker
Take Control of Your Weight
Reduce Your Stress
Help you keep your New Year's Resolutions
Increase your Self-Confidence
Raise your Self-Esteem
Sleep Better
Improve Academic Performance
Improve Sports Performance
Improve Your Memory and Recall
Overcome Fears and Apprehensions
Overcome Feelings of Panic
Prepare You Mentally for Surgery and Dental Work
And More ...

If you would like to know more, please email me with details of your particular issue and I will do my best to reply quickly.

More about the techniques I use..:

*What is Hypnosis, will I be out of control? Am I going to cluck like a chicken?

*What is NLP? 

*What is EFT? (Emotional Freedom Technique)

*The modern techniques I use with people to create the desired change, include Hypnotherapy, "state of the art" NLP and the "modern miracle" of EFT. Hypnotherapy is even more effective combined with NLP. I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner and hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy - I am registered with the very reputable General Hypnotherapy Register & the NHS.

To Make An Appointment :

Phone me now on 01237 408442   or Email me at:



Feeling Like This?

Change can be confusing and painful, and if you are in emotional pain at the moment, or are feeling disgusted with yourself for smoking that last cigarette or anything else you hate or dislike doing or being like, maybe you could see that as actually a positive sign meaning your unconscious mind is letting you know that itís had enough!


How Hypnosis Can Help.. 


Stop Smoking "Fast Track" method Specialist :

Want to Stop Smoking Easily? Discover how you can by combining  HYPNOSIS,  and more conscious methods NLP, and  EFT...

Unlike some other "specialists" who are charging £150 to £350 or more, for a single session stop smoking session, I charge a more affordable price which  includes 2 sessions giving me time to find your personal reasons (triggers) for smoking and also to have a high success rate!

[Learn More]

Weight Control without "yo yo" dieting :

"It's far better to gain control over your weight without going on endless diets, dealing with the emotions behind the issue!"

6 Session Course Available

[Learn More..]

Reduce Your Stress Levels :

Reduce or eliminate stress. So many people suffer from stress, I can teach you far more positive ways to deal with and remove stress....

[Learn More..]


Deal With Panic Attacks and Phobias :

Release your fear of something. e.g. air travel, heights, spiders,public speaking. If you have a phobia you will know that the main distinguishing feature of a phobia is the.... [Learn More..]

Phone me on 01237 408442

or E-mail me with your query at:




A selection of feedback from previous clients....

"After 2 sessions,Patrick, I have regained much of the drive I used to have years ago!" Sue

"Thanks for the techniques you have given me - I'm using my "Circle of Excellence""all the time" Julie

"I'm really confident now in the class room" Tom

"I now have the courage to do what I have to,that "anchor" is really powerful" Simon

"I felt relaxed and ready for anything, my exam nerves were gone" Linda

"That was wonderful, I can get on with living my life, I just want to go for it! Doreen

"I will look forward to the future with confidence in the knowledge that I can do it!" Alex

"I came to you 2 months  ago suffering Panic Attacks..I am feeling a real sense of  freedom now" Pat

"Thank you - since I've stopped I've felt so good - I just don't have the need to smoke" Ron 

The names have been changed to protect confidentiality

Helpful Advice

If you would like free advice, or would like to make an appointment, please phone or e-mail me - phone on 01237 408442, or email


 Very Flexible and Easy to get to..

North Devon, 10 mile  radius of Barnstaple and Bideford  areas covered.
Home Visits Available, Hypnotherapy CD's
I can sometimes arrange same day appointments, if  you are flexible!

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Patrick Stacey

Telephone. : 01237 408442 

Hypnosis for Change





"Yesterday is the Past Tomorrow is the Future, Today is a gift that's why they call it the Present!"


"I close my eyes in order to see"

Paul Gaugin



"Your duty to yourself is to believe that for which you have sufficient evidence, and to suspend your judgment when you have not. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Some things have to be believed to be seen. Vision is the art of seeing invisible things

Bob Brown



"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind

William James